Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I've been feeling particularly un-Christmasy this Christmas season. I think it is because it's my first Christmas completely away from any type of family. So to lift my holiday-plagued spirits, I went to the best place I could think of--the happiest place on earth. Disneyland had the most beautiful decorations and rides that were transformed into a holiday theme. A fireworks show at night was set to Christmas music and it snowed on Main Street. It was magical.

The next day I watched a boat parade. The harbor shined with plenty of lights strung along loads of boats.

I drank peppermint hot chocolate and tried to feel Christmasy. It worked for two days.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

#35 and 36

I capped a year of racing--the worst racing year of my life. I've watched my fitness fade into oblivion and I don't know how to get it back. It's really frustrating. I'm struggling to run. It's like I've just stopped being able to do anything physically. I struggle just to run 2 miles.

I raced my 35th half marathon and got my 32nd worst time. I did my first nighttime race. It took place in Vegas, my first trip there since 2008. Race officials shut down the strip and we all raced down it at night under the bright lights. I did not run fast and the race was pretty disorganized, as you can read about here. But it was fun to run at night. My brother also happened to be in town, so I hung out with him. We even hit up a Vegas club right after the race.

Exactly seven days later I raced my 36th half marathon in Los Angeles county. It was a nice, pleasant course, but I finished 28 minutes over my usual time, making this my 31st worst time on a fairly easy course. It's sooooo frustrating. I don't know how to get my running back. But I did get my all-time favorite medal. It was called the Holiday Half Marathon and the medal was in the shape of a snowflake. Pretty cute. But where or where did my running ability go??? How am I running two minutes per mile slower than I've ever run, even slower than when I first started running. It leaves me feeling very depressed.

So that was 2011--20 races total and my slowest times ever.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I spent Thanksgiving in Phoenix. Here are a few random things that have happened lately:

1. Some jerk spilled hot tea all over me and my expensive Mac laptop that I hadn't even paid off yet. I understand accidents happen, but it cost me over $800 to fix and the jerk split, never even apologizing. I hope karma comes back to him. So now I am going to be living in my car because I have no money to pay for it.

2. I got to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the 610 Stompers were my favorite part.

3. I finally joined Skype. I'm a little late in the game, but it's really awesome.

4. I got to see some good friends in Phoenix and makes me realize how much I miss it.

Here is the new pride of America.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Iron Girl

I ran a 10K today that was a bit hilly and we ran right into a head wind. But it was an all-female race and those are always fun. No boys allowed. That's pretty sweet. I moved and now live across the street from the beach. Last night I watched the sun set over the Pacific, but the condo where I live is very cold. I am confined to my room with my space heater right next to me. I moved myself this weekend with no help. I am really sore. I am discovering there are a lot of Australians who live in this area, which makes me happy. I get to listen to their accents. I seem to find them at Starbucks. I've been to three Starbucks in the area and have heard the Aussie accent in each one of them. One of them has an Aussie barista who always calls me his mate. I know he calls everyone this, but it makes me feel good nonetheless.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I got to spend 10 days in Phoenix and two weekends in LA visiting friends and family. So fun! Happy Halloween! I don't think I am dressing up as anything this year. I plan to stay home and watch Castle.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I'm hanging out in Utah right now experiencing the amazing fall foliage. I went hiking with my brother, slept too many hours and saw cousins, aunts, and uncles. The mountains are brilliant.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I ran my 34th half marathon yesterday and got my 33rd worst time. I am going backwards in my fitness. It was a trail run and that makes it harder, plus it was almost all uphill and the name of it was "HeartBreak Half Marathon," which should be an omen of what was to come. It was hard and I wasn't feeling well. But that's life. It took place on a military base and many military men were running carrying American flags, which was appropriate because it was Sept. 11th eve.

I then went to dinner with a group of friends from Phoenix in town for a triathlon today. The race took place on Sept. 11th and began with skydivers carrying a 30 foot flag down to earth. I then met a friend to watch a movie. It's a nice way to spend the weekend--with good friends. Friends and family are what you get you through this life.

Ten years ago I was driving to work and heard about the attacks. I immediately ran into work and called my dad who traveled for a living--this was before I owned a cell phone. He answered and I was so glad he was safe. I was lucky, unlike so many others.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I ran my 33rd half marathon in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. The scenic course took me through a tunnel of trees, next to a sunrise over green-covered mountains, palm trees, and ended right next to the ocean. But it was crazy hard. One of the hardest in the US I was told. I even had to stop at a medical tent to assist with blisters. I got my 32nd worst time, but loved it and want to do the full marathon next time, which I've heard is extremely hard. I stayed at a condo with an ocean view, a huge pool with sand on the property, and relaxed and watched movies on one of three flat screen TVs. I cooked for myself, read a book and relaxed by the pool and sat in a very hot and lovely jacuzzi. How about that for a race???

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I ran my 32nd half marathon this weekend in San Diego. It didn't go as planned. I slept very little and ate very little this week and struggled in a long run last weekend, so was just happy to finish. I actually ran the first 10K at exactly the same pace I run every half marathon, which was a surprise. But then at mile 7, I sort of was done. So I finished in 14 minutes over my usual time. Boo!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I spent the weekend in Los Angeles visiting friends and they all made me feel so good. It's nice to have a great support system. I tried to run, but have been having problems with muscle aches. I think it is stress. I haven't been feeling well and I think that is stress related as well. But every day is a new day and a new opportunity.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Triathlon

I cannot make running pretty:

I am not sure what is going on with my outfit here. I call this look "Running Bag Lady."

I completed the Camp Pendleton Triathlon this Saturday and it was a doozy. It was actually the hardest swim I've ever done. Ever. Hands down - in the history of any triathlon I've done. It was an ocean swim at a military base. Let me break this race down as to the pros and cons of racing at a military base:

Terrible swimming conditions. I had 4-foot waves, 59-degree water temps and strong currents that carried us in the wrong direction. I almost took a DNF. Turns out, this military base is located there for a reason: It has some of the roughest waters in the area to train the Navy Seals.

It takes a long time to get on base and you have to show photo ID. One way in, one way out.

All the military men were trained to call the women "ma'am." So "good job, ma'am" "do you need water, ma'am?" were what I heard throughout the race. I felt very old.

Hot men everywhere. All the aid stations were lined with hot, muscular men in uniform. Men were literally EVERYWHERE. And all were in uniform. I'll repeat that: UNIFORM. Plenty of eye candy.

Men were out on the bike course with rifles and machetes. They were protecting the triathletes from terrorists. So that's one less thing I had to worry about during the race.

So because this was on a military base and plenty of gorgeous men would be around me and since I look like the above pictures when I race, I decided to wear aviators instead of my typical athletic sunglasses. I was hoping to be more Angelina Jolie than looking like I was hemorrhaging.

I've been struggling in life lately. But I've found a song that perfectly represents how I feel. I have added the song as the theme song to this blog post and have pasted the lyrics below:

Run by Collective Soul

Are these times contagious
I've never been this bored before
Is this the prize I've waited for
Now as the hours passing
There's nothing left here to ensure
I long to find the messenger

Have I got a long way to run [x2]
Yeah, I run [x2]

Is there a cure among us
From this processed sanity
I weaken with each voice that sings
Now in this world of purchase
I'm going to buy back memories
To awaken some old qualities

Have I got a long way to run [x2]
Have I got a long way to run [x2]
Yeah, I run [x2]
Have I got a long way to run [x2]
Yeah, I run [x4]
Have I got a long way to run [x4]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

5K Race and the Greatest Freak Show on Earth!

I ran a 5K race this morning that ended on the 50 yard line of Qualcomm Stadium. I was hoping to go incognito at this race, but no such luck. A few people I know found me. I didn't want to sprint this 5K and fortunately or unfortunately, I was not able to anyway. The first .74 miles were uphill, which slowed my pace. It took 2 minutes over what I usually do, which is a lot for a 5K.

But then I went to the wonder that is Comic Con--the greatest people watching experience of my life. I took a special service shuttle running from Qualcomm Stadium to Comic Con where I saw all these South Park exhibits and every dressed up. It was like Halloween in July. I saw costumes and costumes. Pretty much like being in a live Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Tomorrow I am going to Los Angeles once again for the second week in a row to see a friend who moved there. That means I have spent exactly one weekend in town since before Memorial Day. I travel TOO much.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I spent the weekend in L.A. and ran for 16 miles round and round the Rose Bowl. Sad to come back to reality.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I went to Salt Lake City this weekend to attend the funeral services of my grandmother. It was nice to see family and my two brothers. But it was a bittersweet affair. A journal was discovered after my grandma's passing. Apparently she kept one starting in 1976 for 10 years, writing in it off and on. Several entries describe things I did as a child. My favorite: my grandma, my uncle and I were sitting down to dinner and my grandma gave me mashed potatoes and gravy. I said, "Yuck!" So my uncle said, "Just pretend it is ice cream and chocolate syrup." I said, "Okay, then I'll pretend to eat it, too." I was three--and just as stubborn and snarky then as I am now it appears. And for the record, my feelings on mashed potatoes have changed, but I still don't like gravy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RIP Grandma

Tonight my grandmother passed away. She was a wonderful lady who loved me very much. I miss you already Grandma! I hope you are making your chocolate chip cookies for everyone in heaven. I'm glad your pain is gone, but it is those of us left who suffer.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

I got up at 5am this morning to drive to Coronado for the Independence Day 15K (it rhymes!). The place was packed and I didn't run well. In fact, where I usually am at the 10 mile mark was what I finished in....But I walked back to my car and had at least 15 cars drive by asking if I were leaving. I realized I was parked just a block from a 4th of July parade and had a prime parking spot--and parking was at a premium. So I decided to stay and watch the Coronado 4th of July parade, which was three hours long. Wow! It ran the gamut from a moving, living statue of Iwo Jima to Star Wars characters on segways. But at least I did something 4th of Julyish. As I left Coronado Island, all I saw were cars trying to get across the bridge and I have no idea where any of them will park.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disneyland--Because aren't we just all kids in adult bodies?

For the holiday weekend I went to Disneyland on Saturday and had the best day ever. How can you not? It's the happiest place on earth.

Lessons learned at Disneyland:

1. While everyone knows I am not a big fan of kids and Disneyland by no means cured that (especially after 7pm when kids were so tired and restless standing in yet another line), it was cute to see their faces light up when a Disney character walked by and all the girls dressed up in princess costumes.

2. Disney does it right. They funnel people in and out of the park like clockwork.

3. Disney also shows an appreciation to single people. On a couple of rides, you can tell the attendant you are a "single rider" and they give you a pass to cut to the front of the line. Literally. One ride had a 50-minute wait, but I was given a "single rider" pass. So I rode up a special elevator and as I came out, I walked right onto the ride. Very VIP. Thank you Disney for recognizing the fact that not everyone goes to your park with kids and strollers in toe.

4. I love Disneyland. I didn't want to leave. I ate beignets in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears full of powdered sugar and honey...because beignets shouldn't be eaten in any other manner. I rode my favorite ride since I was a little girl-- "It's a Small World" and my second favorite "The Tiki Room." I climbed the Treasure Island tree house, watched a 4th of July fireworks display and fell in love with all things Disney all over again.

Saturday I went to Downtown Disney just to stay around the park a little while longer. My original plan was to go to the beaches at Newport Beach, but that plan was thwarted with excessive traffic, so I decided on Laguna Beach, but also ran into insane traffic. So I went to flip a U-turn and found myself at the head of a massive trail system with hikers, totally by accident. Well, being as I was already in my workout clothes, I grabbed a water bottle and got my cross-training on (and burn off those beignets). I hiked for 2 hours somewhere off of the 133 highway in the middle of nowhere OC. A park ranger saw me and said I looked like I was going to go for a run. I like to think he said that because I look like I have a runner's physique, but then I realized I had a bright T-shirt that had "Marathon" splashed in bright gold across the front. So maybe he could just read. Or maybe I really looked like a runner. I then stopped at Oceanside at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I like it because they serve all-you-can-eat mango salsa. And any restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat mango anything will certainly get my patronage.

Tomorrow I run in a 15K Independence Day race. Too bad I am still sore from my Seattle Marathon and now from trail running (and sick to my stomach from eating too many beignets and mango salsa).

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Seattle Marathon

Having grown up in the Seattle suburb Puyallup and going to college at University of Washington, it was time to run a marathon in the city closest to my heart. I hadn't been back since July 2006, so it was time to pay a visit to the Emerald City.

I got into Seattle at 2am on Thursday night due to delays. Then there was a huge line at the car rental...at 2am...what? So by the time I got my car it was 2:30 and I booked a hotel nearby the airport to avoid waking up friends I was going to stay with. I want to charge Southwest with it. They are a terrible. I don't enjoy them anymore. I don't care to entertained. I don't need singers. I don't need the humor or cheerleader flight attendants. I just want an airline that can get me somewhere for the time I paid for. I understand weather delays and things out of their control. But how do they manage to have three-hour delays with every single flight? I just flew from Seattle to San Jose (on a delayed flight, of course) and the flight attendant kept making jokes and adding "just sayin" at the end of everything. "You can store your young child in the overhead bin. Just sayin." "You can't form a line in the front bathroom. If you gotta go, you gotta go to the back. Just sayin." Well, if they can't fly me on-time anywhere, I will switch airlines. Just sayin. The other flight attendant on this flight bedazzled her apron...Why? So she could be sparkly and shiny.

Now I am sitting in an airport in San Jose with another near three-hour delay. I was supposed to land in San Diego at 11:20pm. I have been up since 2am and now will be up for 24 hours straight. Thank you Southwest. You suck. Just sayin.

Anyway, I got in and was walking toward my rental and saw one car in the parking lot...a beetle. I thought, please, please do not let that be my car. Oh yes, it was. It was the smallest car in the world after a Smart Car. I even once drove a Geo Metro and it had more space than this thing. My six-foot body and carry-on luggage was all the car could handle. Plus, I started driving, and maybe I've gotten used to driving an SUV, but I was seriously worried about road rash on my butt. I felt like I was sitting on the road. This car was so low to the ground I couldn't even see anything out of the rear view mirrors other than tires. I felt like an old lady driving this thing.

But walking out to my car, my foot started to hurt immensely. My plantar fasciitis had returned in full force, just 1.5 days before a marathon. No! Boo!

I stayed the night in the hotel and the next day went to the expo to get my racing stuff for a race in which I wasn't sure I would even do. I then walked around Pike's Place Market and watched the ferries come in and ate lunch at Westlake Center and then took the Monorail to Seattle Center to see the Space Needle and buy some of my favorite grasshopper fudge--one of my favorite foods in the entire world. One bite and I was so happy. It was even better than I remember and worth every single penny. My foot started to hurt worse and worse, so I had to get off of it. So I said good-bye to Seattle and drove to Puyallup. Seattle had beautiful sunny skies and was even more cosmopolitan than I remembered. It has "chocolate bars" where you can sit and eat pieces of chocolate and cute restaurants and cafes. All I could think walking around is that I am so lucky to have grown up in the most beautiful city in the world. So I started my long drive to Puyallup with crazy, crazy traffic. It took 1.5 hours to drive not too far south. Then it started to rain and I couldn't see anything. Oh yes, that is the Washington I remember. I got to my friends' house and iced my foot. I wasn't feeling well in my stomach since Thursday night, so they gave me some medicine. I went to bed and didn't sleep more than 3 hours because of stomach pains....um, I was running a marathon in a few hours so stomach pains are about the worst thing that can happen, aside from foot pain. So I was not set up for a successful race.

The alarm went off at 3am, but I was already awake since 2. My stomach was cramping so badly I didn't drive straight to the parking garage for the marathon. Rather, I drove from grocery store to grocery store looking for Imodium. But nothing was open. I finally just figured I'd try a gas station and see if I would have luck. Success! Gas stations carry Imodium. So I took one...and it didn't work. I was standing in the starting chute so sick to my stomach. And wearing three socks and feet taped up hoping for the best for my other pain. Well, within 90 seconds of running, my foot was killing me, but magically it only lasted 1 mile. I think it is because my foot became numb from the concrete, so it worked (although now I am paying the price). But my stomach pain did not go away. By mile 11.5, I was hurting. I really was regretting not switching to the half. It was going to be a long, long race and I contemplated dropping out. But by mile 15-20, I felt a lot better. But at mile 22, I was so tired and my stomach pain was back and it was a tough few miles at at the end. But the course was beautiful. I got to run in the tunnels, on the Alaskan Way Viaduct, on Lake Washington Bridge! They shut down the bridge and I ran right out onto the water. One of my favorite parts of the marathon course were these signs of soldiers whose lives were taken in war--pictures of young men with their children who no longer have a father. Standing just past those signs were people holding American flags for everyone of those soliders. It was really emotional and I started to cry, but that made it hard to breathe, so I tried to think happy thoughts to be able to keep running.

It was really, really special to be running in Seattle. I love that city. But my body did NOT! It was very hilly and probably the hardest city marathon I've done, excluding the adventurous ones of China and Antarctica. But I managed to finish, crying from mile 25 on. It GPS'd at 26.5 miles and I literally collapsed at the finish line. I've seen that happen on TV at races, but never in real life, until it happened to me. I crossed the finish line, staggered and collapsed. There was a line of medics right at the finish to grab me. They brought me to the medical tent and a doctor came over to see me. I told him about the stomach pain and medicine I was buying at 3am. He had me elevate my legs, but they didn't have anything for me to keep them elevated, so they built a little stand made of water bottles and I lied down and brought my feet up. The doctor had me take sips of a drink and eat pretzels. He then had me sit up and then eventually stand up. I've never gone to a medical tent for medical reasons. I did go after my Ironman, but that was just to get a free massage. The medical people asked who was with me to watch over me in case I got faint and sick again. I said, "I'm by myself." They were worried for me. I am always by myself at races, so I watch over me and I know myself better than anybody anyway.

So I found out that my car was parked 2 miles from the finish line in the parking garage and walking after a marathon isn't exactly an easy thing to do. So it took me about 40 minutes to hobble back to my car and was freezing. I was wrapped up tight in two mylar blankets.

My plan was to go to LA Fitness to shower and then go to Bellevue Square (this cool shopping mall) to shop before my flight at 5pm. But the race had a lot of wave starts, so I didn't cross the start line until about 30 minutes after the first people did and then the race took me longer than I expected it to, then I spent over 20 minutes at the medical tent, then a 40 minute walk back to my car, so was already running behind my planned schedule. Then I got out onto the freeway and there was soooo much traffic. I thought, "What is going on? Why is there so much traffic?" Um, hello stupid. There's this thing called a marathon in which all the streets are shut down. Hence, traffic. So Bellevue Square was out. So I found an LA Fitness near the airport and hobbled my way in with plenty of stares. Yes, I just ran a marathon and I have salt crystalized to my face and my eyelashes are now white and I can't walk and I'm bleeding from chafing in areas I didn't use anti-chafe cream. But there's no need to stare.

I then went to the airport and my bag got flagged by security. Naturally. It always does. But for the first time, the security agent dumped all the contents of my purse and coin purse out. All my coins went all over the bin. All my papers were everywhere. He just turned it upside down and shook everything out. And he didn't put it back. My bag always gets flagged, so I am not surprised when it does. But I've never had an agent do that.

I had to fly from Seattle to San Jose and then San Jose to San Diego. Both flights were delayed. I will now be up for 24 hours straight. Got up at 2am, will return to San Diego at 2am.

It will take me 10 hours to get from Seattle to San Diego this evening. A flight that can be done in 3.5.

I hate Southwest.

Just sayin.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Phoenix, Arizona

I am stuck at Phoenix airport waiting out long flight delays--as usual. I am not the luckiest of souls when it comes to on-time flights. I spent the weekend in Phoenix and surprised that the heat didn't bother me. I actually kind of liked it. I did spend 8 miles on a treadmill, trying to run inside rather than out. But my foot is not healed and spent the better part of Sunday night putting ice on it and stretching it. I hope to run again soon, actually really soon--I have a long race out of town this weekend.

I did get to see my dad for Father's Day, had my hair dyed even darker brown (although I miss being blonde) and am back in Invisalign. Those were all the major happenings of my time in the Valley of the Sun.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foot problems

I've been having foot problems for about a month in which my feet felt like they were on fire. But I kept running and going and not stopping. Now, I've done some serious damage and my feet have turned blue. Turns out I have developed plantar fasciitis and cannot walk. I have a marathon out of state in less than two weeks. This may not happen. I am very depressed. We are having such nice weather and I am not spending it outside running.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

What a great race! I got to work at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon this past weekend in San Francisco. I went to a triathlon club party on Friday night on Hyde Street at an amazing apartment with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown. Then Saturday I was at the expo chatting with people about their racing experiences and Sunday I covered the race. Media personnel got to go out on a boat and witness 2,000 athletes jumping off a ferry and swimming to shore. I am signing up for the lottery next year because I want to do it. I was filled with raging jealousy for all those who got to participate.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday: San Francisco

I went to San Fran to do a tv interview on the upcoming Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. I go back to San Fran tomorrow for the race :) Someday I will do it. Just working it this time.

Saturday: I spent the weekend in LA for the holiday. I ran 20 miles around Rose Bowl Stadium which was good and awful at the same time. Good because it was a change of scenery and saw some celebrities going undercover. Bad because running 20 miles is never fun. I also went to see my great uncle who lives nearby.

Sunday: Saw a fireworks show in La Canada, Calif.

Monday: Watched a hometown parade and went to a BBQ. Experienced Monday blues.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jennifer Lancaster

One of my favorite authors is Jennifer Lancaster and she is currently on a book tour--one of the stops was San Diego! And she came to the Barnes and Nobles that I pass to and from work and where I actually go to sit and read her books! What are the odds of that?? I got to meet her and she signed two of my books. I was number 101 in line...over 150 people showed up. Do yourself a favor and read one of her books--I recommend Bitter is the New Black to start. She is snarky and witty and my favorite type of literary voice--like a Sarah Vowell for the bubblegum audience, not so political or intellectual, but just as funny. I want to be friends with her. I think our negativity would mesh well together.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Knoxville, Tenn.

I got to go to Knoxville for a triathlon this past weekend. Matt Reed, my favorite triathlete, was the first-place finisher. Knoxville is more colonial than I had imagined and Saturday was pretty dead...and I was right downtown. Due to many travel fiascos, I got in at 3:30am Saturday morning and left at 6am Monday morning (which is 3am CA time). Bags under my eyes and all, I still loved being there to see a triathlon because there is nothing better. I also found a creperie and a candy store with barrels of old-fashioned sweet treats. Knoxville food = heaven.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I once again attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books where I saw Duff Goldman of Ace of Cakes fame, Danica McKellar of Wonder Years, Jennifer Weiner who is one of my fav authors, Rainn Wilson from The Office, plus many more. I enjoyed it and got to have a second birthday celebration just a few days after my real birthday.

Rainn Wilson

Duff Goldman who is opening a store in LA and he will serve the San Diego area. Time to save money for cake!

Another b-day cake for me

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My birthday

I spent half the day in the office and the other half in Los Angeles. I got to visit a triathlon store and then got to visit the USC Triathlon Team and pass out some magazines. Super fun! Then I met some friends for dinner and they made me the birthday queen. Super cheesy photo of my crown! I don't look that cheesy outside of a camera shot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. I made it through a glorious year. Here are the top-20 big events since my last b-day:

1. Ran a marathon in Peru, China and South Africa.
2 Accomplished my goal of running a marathon on all seven continents.
3. Got press for it. Here's one example.
4. Cut off my waist-length hair and went brunette. The jury is still out on that one.
5. Got a new job
6. Moved to California
7. Signed up for my 2nd Ironman. This time it is New Zealand.
8. Got a new car
9. Rented out my house
10. Had my trichotillomania spiral out of control
11. Haven't been able to get it under control
12. Interviewed a few celebrities
13. Pretended I'm BFFs with such celebrities
14. Ran 6 half marathons from Santa Barbara to Arizona to Utah
15. Completed another few triathlons
16. Finished my book. Now in revision stage.
17. Done some public speaking events about my running a marathon on all 7 continents
18. Got pulled over by a cop for the first time ever. Got let go. (Thank you officer!)
19. Got published in some national magazines
20. Traveled to Costa Rica to write about triathlons

Whew! What will next year bring? I hope happiness, an ability to change my relationship status on Facebook (pretty sure that's a long shot), wealth (another long shot), Daniel Craig at my door step declaring his undying love for me (not likely), Curtis Stone fighting with Daniel Craig because he also has declared his undying love for me (it could happen), the cancellation of The Real Housewives of Miami (listen up Bravo--it sucked), Modern Family and Cougar Town having new episodes every week (pay the writers more money, they deserve it), successfully crossing the finish line of Ironman New Zealand, getting over something personal (probably will take therapy), and getting a PR in a race. All that would make me a happy thirty-something.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I ran a lonnnnngggg 20 miles and also visited the famous San Diego Zoo. Being fairly new to San Diego and without family around, I had no plans for Easter weekend. No ham dinners, no Easter dresses, no Easter bunny visits. So I went to the zoo. I've always had mixed feelings about the zoo. As I've seen wild animals in their natural environment, whether it be in the Amazon, on an African Safari or sitting on glaciers at the bottom of the world, I feel badly for the animals in confined spaces with strangers watching their every move. Granted, they are treated properly and fed well and do not have to survive in the beastly wild. Maybe I just feel like it's not the same as traveling to a foreign country and seeing them in nature.

But I did get to see a polar bear doing a horny dance looking for a receptive mate. So, there's that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New BFF

I have a new BFF. His name is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I got to interview him at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. You may know him from CNN or his books or his traveling the world and all his television appearances. We're now BFFs. No, not really. I did, however, get to speak to him about triathlons and there is no better topic of conversation. But I did feel significantly out of place at this hotel. I parked my Kia down the street (I'd hate for it to get confused among the line of BMWs out front) and walked in thinking about how many race entries equals the price of one night in this hotel. I figured I would need two hands to count. Then I saw men in power suits eating power breakfasts looking snazzy in Gucci. I was wearing heels for the occasion, not something I typically do (as 6'0 is just too tall). Turns out my BFF Dr. Gupta is not tall at all, so I was even more ridiculously tall. But we spoke about racing and I asked him questions and he was super nice.

This weekend I traveled to Salt Lake City and finished my 31st half marathon. I love this course, but it was cold that day. It started raining as I was driving to the start and then magically for once the God of Marathon listened to my prayers and the clouds held onto the water. I ran okay and finished in my normal time, which I was fairly happy with--no PR, but finally feel like my fitness is returning (sing Hallelujah!). Then five minutes after I crossed the finish line, it started raining again. Thank heavens I was off the course and heading back to my car when little drops started hitting my head. I got to also see beautiful flowers, including my favs--daffodils.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Exercise is my friend

Saturday I spent at a CrossFit seminar in Little Italy--these guys are almost masochistic. I'm going to do it. It is a new exercise venture for me. Then that night I watched the triathlon races in Sydney, Australia on my computer. I was reporting on it for work and it made me long to be back in Australia. These athletes were racing through the city, on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and jumping into the water right next to the Opera House...sigh. The next morning I got up to report on the South Beach Triathlon. Then I went running for over three hours and got super tan...yeah! I go to Salt Lake City this weekend...brrr.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Triathlons, Triathlons, Triathlons

Last week I went to a triathlon training camp with some professional triathletes in Morgan Hill, CA, just outside of San Jose. Talk about beautiful! I didn't know if I was in the south of France or the South Bay. I went on some spectacular bike rides :)

Then I got to spend two days in Oceanside, just north of San Diego covering the Oceanside 70.3 triathlon for work. My friend from Phoenix was also competing in it so I got to cheer him on and get a few photos. My office for those two days was the beach. Can't complain. I did get put on camera interviewing about 7 or 8 professionals....um...scary!

My interview with Jordan Rapp here

My interview with my favorite triathlete Matt Reed (I am biased because he is tall and has an Aussie accent. It's nice to see tall people winning). Click here