Saturday, July 23, 2011

5K Race and the Greatest Freak Show on Earth!

I ran a 5K race this morning that ended on the 50 yard line of Qualcomm Stadium. I was hoping to go incognito at this race, but no such luck. A few people I know found me. I didn't want to sprint this 5K and fortunately or unfortunately, I was not able to anyway. The first .74 miles were uphill, which slowed my pace. It took 2 minutes over what I usually do, which is a lot for a 5K.

But then I went to the wonder that is Comic Con--the greatest people watching experience of my life. I took a special service shuttle running from Qualcomm Stadium to Comic Con where I saw all these South Park exhibits and every dressed up. It was like Halloween in July. I saw costumes and costumes. Pretty much like being in a live Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Tomorrow I am going to Los Angeles once again for the second week in a row to see a friend who moved there. That means I have spent exactly one weekend in town since before Memorial Day. I travel TOO much.