Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another 5K

I ran another 5K race in beautiful Balboa Park on Saturday. No PR for me, but what a lovely place--green, amazing architecture, grand museums. What a wonderful place to race and run. I will definitely be at this place doing long runs--so much to see. I've had lots of races either begin or end in Balboa Park, but this was the first run entirely in the park.

I also discovered a new area called North Park and went out for dinner with an old Phoenix friend who lives here.

I also was told by a guy this week that I am vain because I go to Starbucks. Huh? Well, color me narcissistic because I love my tall non-fat chai and pumpkin scone. I like to support Seattle companies, as I am a Seattle home girl. I shop at Amazon, love my green caffeinated company, and use Windows products. I heard that boys are classier in San Diego, but I am just not seeing it. Boys are boys wherever I go.