Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Zealand Marathon

On no training and two broken toe nails, I finished another international marathon in total pain and agony. I suffered from kilometer 17 and on, walking most of the way. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I did enjoy the views and coming over the bridge in Auckland. It took place next to the water and the heat didn't help matters, but I finished. Don't let that smile fool you, my foot is bleeding because at mile 25.97, my toe nail came off and I had to finish limping.

Today is my half birthday (US anyway, not New Zealand) and I celebrated by running my worst marathon ever (minus Antarctica and Great Wall of China). How that clock moves in a direction I don't like.

Friday, October 26, 2012

New Zealand

On no training I'm going to attempt another marathon. It's going to be brutal as I really haven't been able to run at all over the past two months and I went to bed last night with a raging headache, which did not disappear when I woke up this morning. Now I feel stuffed up. I think I caught something on the plane. I did see Auckland yesterday on a tour and it's massive--a lot bigger than I imagined. It's twice the size of London (but with significantly less people.) Known as the City of Sails, plenty of boats and yachts are parked in the harbor. I am having mixed feelings about being here, but now I am fulfilling my dream of going to New Zealand. I think this will be my last trip to the Land Down Under. I'm with a tour group of marathoners, but there are only two of us here alone. Everyone came with someone else, which is one of the reasons for my mixed feelings. It's a bit lonely traveling by myself and I found out three pieces of sad information yesterday and I think my illness elevates the sadness.

But I'm happy to see a new part of the world nonetheless. May the Marathon Gods shine their light upon me--I'll need it.