Thursday, July 22, 2010

Triathlons in Tempe?

Fall triathlon season is in jeopardy. Tuesday evening a dam broke and all the water from Tempe Town Lake rushed into the Salt River and now the lake is gone, literally gone. Fish were flapping around on dry ground and unfortunately passed away. What was once a lake is now dirt and some deteriorated plant life. The mayor thinks that it will be "likely" fixed by November, but what about the Sept and Oct races?

I am heading up north this weekend for cooler weather. I will at a cabin with my parents and their friends and will totally be the fifth wheel. I am used to it. I tend to stick to myself anyway. But I welcome the chance to be rid of the heat and run in better temperatures than 116.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Car Shopping

I ran 12 miles in over 90 degrees Saturday morning and then the humidity hit. I had to go car shopping, which was brutal in the heat. I told the salesmen to stay inside and I'll come get them if I need them, trying to keep them away from the heat. I think it was 114 yesterday.

I did find a car, a Kia Sportage. It's an SUV and I am now going to spend way more in gas than I ever have...and I feel like a soccer mom driving it. It is so much car for little old me. But I do feel empowered looking down at all the cars on the road. I like to think I am moving up in the world, literally. My poor Saturn went to car heaven and I asked the dealership to take care of it and treat it with love and affection; it was my baby for 7 years. Now I have a car payment for the first time since 2005 and this time around I'm living alone without a roommate, so my expenses have drastically increased. I am trying to think of what I can do to earn extra money...I think I may pawn some of the presents ex's have given me over the years.