Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Healthy Tip: Make 2009 a great new year
May 2009 bring you health and happiness! Happy new year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Healthy Tip: Smoothies are refreshing and great post-workout treats
I saw this recipe on the Food Network this past weekend. Looks delicious. I'm definitely trying it! Happy drinking. Cheers.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Healthy Tip: Keep fitness accessible
Anyone who knows me, knows I like to work out. I own more gym clothes than I do work clothes. So, to keep me motivated (although this doesn't always work), I keep my gym bag in the trunk of my car. Therefore, I can always hit the gym or slip on my tennis shoes for a run. Just today, I wanted to burn off some of those Christmas cookies, so during my lunch break I hit up the stationary bike at the gym just to burn a few hundred calories, rather than spend the $$ at a restaurant. So I saved money, burned off some of those holiday fixings, and didn't ingest some bad carbs (like my beloved French fries from Wendys). Happy training!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Healthy Tip: Track your progress
I love setting goals for fitness. I find it gives me a sense of purpose when I go to the gym. Gym time becomes quality, not quantity. I know what I need to do to reach the finish line in a race and the effort that I need to put in to get me there. Whenever you do an endurance race, whether it be a triathlon, marathon, or even a 5K, there is a website that lists your finish times. Many people who do these races do not even know their stats are available online. Link to the site at My website is If you have ever competed in a race, type in your name and see what results come up. You may be surprised! Also, if you competed in a race that is outside your home state or country, it will list your name with the state in which you competed. You can track your results and see the progress you've made. Happy training!

Healthy Tip: Learn from the masters

I found this new website that is great for podcasts and articles. Check it out. I joined Twitter. I am also on Facebook.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Healthy tip: Love your environment
The light rail in Phoenix officially started today and you can get free rides all week. I didn't know what to expect with the challenges this has presented to the city over the past 3 years, but apparently there was a 2.5 hour wait just to experience the thrill of a tram and not having to pay attention to all those dreaded photo radar cameras. So you get to save the wear on your car and not stress about the 55mph speeds. Happy riding.

Healthy tip: Gratitude keeps you humble and happy.

As the year comes to a close, here is my list of the top 10 things I am grateful for in 2008:

1. I got to travel to some exotic locations. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I ran in the Gold Coast Australia marathon and experienced wind, rain, and a beautiful rainbow along the run. I also ran the Antarctica marathon, which was an endurance battle of epic proportions. Looking at whales in their natural habitat and miles of penguins lurking about... there is a calmess and stillness that exists at the south pole. Unfortunately, my time in this race left something to be desired, but I am grateful for a body that lets me put it through hell and somehow manages to keep bouncing back.
2. The gorgeous Aussie who walked back on the course just to bring me a jacket. Thank you Paul for a year of "How you going?" and "Are you winding me up?" and starry nights at the farm, not to mention the sexy accent and delicious cooking.
3. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, where would I be without thee Bravo? From juicy catfights, to fashion shows without fashions, my Tuesday nights would never be the same for the next 8 weeks. Thank you for a wildly entertaining ride of women stuck in the 8th grade so I can feel like a far superior human being.
4. Sprinkles cupcakes opening in Scottsdale, Arizona. I can't think of anything better or tastier than a one-serving size of sugary heaven. Sure, it has calories, but some things in life are just worth the extra 20 minutes on the treadmill. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert-the perfect size serving of buttery cake and creamy frosting.
5. My Life on the D-List. This is the funniest show on television. I love Kathy Griffin and went to see her show live twice. Sure, she is a bit blue and "curses like a boy," but she shows no shame in mocking Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, and Tom Cruise, and that is classic humor at its best. I'm not one to laugh out loud very often, but every episode I find myself wiping the tears from my eyes with some of her one-liners.
6. All-inclusive resorts. My girlfriend and I went to Jamaica for a little R&R. We literally spent no money once we got there. At our whim were Jamaican BBQ, smoothies, and Jamaican men catering to our every move.
7. Friends with benefits. My brother's friend works at my all-time favorite store--Sephora. I have received some delicious packages of beauty products all for gratis. Gratis is my new favorite word. From Dylan's scented "chocolate cupcake" lotion to Clinique Happy's fragrance, all were mine for gratis. And you know I love my beauty products!
8. Gold Class movies in Australia. I highly recommend watching movies in this fashion if you are ever in the land down under. You get treated like a rock star, from dinner and drinks to your own private leather, reclining seats.
9. Employment. In this day and age, you cannot take anything for granted.
10. Health and happiness. After a bad bike accident last September in a triathlon, I finally recovered in January. I met some tremendous people on the Antarctica trip who all share a love of adventure and a willingness to drop a few thousand dollars, or more than a few thousand, on a trip to the bottom of the earth just to run with attacking birds.