Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Good-Bye to You

I spent the weekend in Los Angeles once again visiting my uncle Bryant. Two weeks ago we were told he had just a few hours to live, but he pulled through and came home. During the weekend, we ate out at a fancy Pasadena restaurant watching him eat a big steak followed by chocolate cake and ice cream. He made plans for the future and spoke candidly and vividly about his life with a fully functioning brain.

We returned Sunday night and I felt hopeful he'd be around for a while.

The phone rang early this morning and I knew it was bad news. My uncle Bryant passed away. This is the last photo I took with him. I loved visiting him in LA and going to Hamburger Hamlet. I spent nights at his place before early morning races and drove him to Trader Joes and Gelsons Supermarket on errand Saturday.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Los Angeles Part Deux

I spent the weekend in LA once again partaking in its culture, humidity and smoke from the forest fires. I did visit family and ate a very sweet breakfast of rice crispie French toast with nutella, maple syrup and candied strawberries.

While it sounds delicious on the menu, it was just too much for me. As a recently diagnosed pre-diabetic, I shouldn't eat this way.

I actually just took a diabetics test at the doctor two days prior to this. I'm waiting for the results. Finding out I'm diabetic is a death sentence.