Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Human Vacuum

I feel like I eat all the time or maybe it is just that I am always hungry. I have an interesting relationship with food. I love it, but it's not so sure about me. If I don't get enough iron, I get tired. If I don't eat every two hours, I get aggravated. I mainly eat healthy and love fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, but I also have an unfortunate sweet tooth.

I think about food far too often than not. So in my hungry state, which is mainly the state I am always in, I have devised the meal I would want to be my last:

1. Australian red licorice. This is my most favorite food in the world. It is chewy, fresh, and more flavorful than any red vines you will find sitting on the shelves of the drug store.
2. French fries. I like fries in every way. Curly, seasoned, steak, from a fast food joint. I will order something on the menu just because it comes with fries.
3. Any other chewy candy. Skittles, Dots, Brach's barrel candy, you name it, I'll eat it.
4. Lemon poppy seed muffins. Because they are good and if it is my last meal, who cares about carbs?
5. White Magnum ice cream bars. See every entry I made about Europe.
6. And limeade to wash it all down with. It's not lemonade, so it tricks your taste buds and that's awesome.

I really do eat healthy, but I love sweets. I can't help it. Good thing I workout.

Last evening I did an awful 65 minute bike ride on a trainer and didn't feel like I worked hard enough. Tonight I have to do two, yes two, long swims. I will break them up into two one, take a break, come back for more. But maybe this will enable me to burn some calories for my sweets :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breathtaking Sunsets, Literally and Figuratively

Yesterday I attempted a long workout in the heat, as I changed around my workout to do a longer bike ride on a weekday instead of a weekend. Not recommended.

I started out with a 45 minute run that only covered just over 4 miles. I had to walk part of it, as my run started after 5pm in 100+ temperatures and my stomach was in considerate pain for some reason. I don't think I ate properly during the day for running in the heat. I did the best I could.

Next, I hopped onto my bike for a 2 hour ride that lasted through a beautiful sunset with a kaleidoscope of colors in tropical pink, red and orange. I was doing a loop and raced through the parts heading east to enjoy the parts heading west. Although out of breath and hungry at this point, it was a pleasant view during a hot ride.