Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breathtaking Sunsets, Literally and Figuratively

Yesterday I attempted a long workout in the heat, as I changed around my workout to do a longer bike ride on a weekday instead of a weekend. Not recommended.

I started out with a 45 minute run that only covered just over 4 miles. I had to walk part of it, as my run started after 5pm in 100+ temperatures and my stomach was in considerate pain for some reason. I don't think I ate properly during the day for running in the heat. I did the best I could.

Next, I hopped onto my bike for a 2 hour ride that lasted through a beautiful sunset with a kaleidoscope of colors in tropical pink, red and orange. I was doing a loop and raced through the parts heading east to enjoy the parts heading west. Although out of breath and hungry at this point, it was a pleasant view during a hot ride.