Friday, November 6, 2009

Wetsuit Drama

So I took my wetsuit to a seamstress and when I walked in with it, the horrified look on her face made me nervous that this isn't something that can be fixed.

"What is that? I'm scared!" she yelled to me.

She looked it over and decided quite quickly she couldn't fix it. But she did make a suggestion to take it to an upholstery shop because they would have the right sewing machine to do that type of stitching. She gave me the address.

In a very seedy part of town, I slowly opened my car door and got out very carefully looking around for any scary creatures or people. With my recent break-in, I was a little extra cautious. I opened the door to this shop that incidentally had no windows, which I automatically thought looked suspicious. What kind of place doesn't have windows unless they are doing something illegal?

When I got in, a lady with far more pink eye shadow than I've ever seen was sitting there looking at me inquisitively. I said I had an odd request and her look turned to a frown when she stated/asked, mostly stated, "the lady from the tailoring shop sent you." I affirmed that yes, I had been sent here (to this seedy, creepy part of town and your seedy, creepy store).

She sent my wetsuit to the back and out it came with stitching complete. I gave them some money, went to work and googled "how to repair a wetsuit." Apparently, you can stitch it up, but you also need neoprene cement to make it waterproof so water will not seep in through the stitching.

So I called a local triathlon store, found out they sold it and went home and glued my wetsuit shut.

If it works, it was money well spent. If not, that was money that should have gone towards another wetsuit.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Attempting to master the impossible

Last night I did the spectacular: swam 6,000m or 3.7 miles. I had been putting off this workout for a couple of weeks, as it takes me an awful long time to swim and this was no small feat. But I wanted to do it, as I consider it a rite of passage in the training. I've heard people talk about the 6,000m swim just as they would a 20 mile run training for a marathon. It is incredible and long and arduous, not to mention, above all, boring.

Armed with my goggles, wetsuit, my favorite flavored gel, a waterproof ipod container with an iPod filled with new tunes, and a healthy dose of motivation, I went to the pool to begin this workout I have been dreading since the day I signed up for triathlons. I started out with a 250m warm up and decided to put on my wetsuit. I know I would look silly, but I swim faster in it and 6,000m is a long time when you are not a fast swimmer. But because I was already wet, apparently you can't put on your wetsuit and for the first time ever, my wetsuit ripped. Right there in front of men, I ripped my wetsuit. For a girl, ripping clothes generally means you have gained weight. I haven't gained weight I don't think, but I think trying to stretch it out over my already wet self didn't work. It was like trying to put on clothes when you are wet; it's a lot harder.

So I bagged the wetsuit and just swam my little heart out in my swimsuit for 6,000m. Oh and I forgot (for the first time ever) my swim cap. I didn't so much as forget, as I couldn't find it. I know I pulled it out of my gym bag to bring with me, but somewhere it disappeared. So I had hair in my face the whole swim.

I rewarded myself every 2000m with a lick of my gel: chocolate mint flavor. It is my favorite gel only available during the holidays and tastes just like brownie batter.

You know what? The swim wasn't that bad. I had been procrastinating for so long and when it came down to it, it wasn't that bad at all.

When I got back home and parked the car, I opened the car door and on the street was my swim cap just sitting there all by its lonesome self. Dang it. I must have dropped it while getting into my car.

I am proud of myself when just 9 years ago I couldn't swim at all, or even put my head in the water. It's not like I'm a good swimmer by any stretch of the imagination, but I sure as heck try.

I also did 90 minutes of biking on the trainer yesterday and this morning before work my alarm went off at 5:30am and I was on the trainer for another 90 minutes. I also have another 5000m swim this week, as well as two more 2000m swims and one open water swim race this weekend.

I am now googling a seamstress in a hopeful attempt to fix my wetsuit. The stitching came undone and with my open water swim race this weekend, I need a wetsuit, as there's no way I'm swimming that long without one. 6000m without a wetsuit was enough.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's like a heat wave

Today we are having record-breaking temperatures nearing triple digits. I think today it is supposed to be a high of 97, which is as hot if not hotter than most places in the country get in the middle of summer....and we are nearing wintertime. I wanted to go for a run outdoors yesterday and it is still too hot. I don't get it. Global warming? Arizona heat Gods having some fun? Where I grew up in Seattle, an Indian summer was relished and an avoidance of the rain was cherished. Here, it feels like the entire year is one big Indian summer.

Last night I took a quiz in the Oprah magazine. Since this is Oprah's world and we all just live in it and since she already tells us what to read, what to buy and she decided our president, I thought I would also let her tell me what my personality I found out from the quiz that "I strive for recognition. Anything that lets me win makes me happy." So the article advised me to "compete in a triathlon." Well, I guess Oprah calls it right.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tootsie Rolls to the Rescue

After my much unfortunate bill that will total well over $1,000 for 1 second of my life in a very maddening bike accident, I indulged my financial sorrows in leftover Halloween candy. Although it didn't make the whole in my wallet fill up with cash, it did tickle my taste buds and that made me feel a little better. I don't recommend sweets as a way to relieve problems; there are obviously healthier ways of doing so, but the brightly colored candy was just sitting there....and the candy did work a little magic on my pain.

Since I would have rather spent the $1,000+ on a trip to Europe, or a fancy weekend in Vegas, or indulge myself in some delicious spa treatments at some resort in Scottsdale, I figured I'd have to find some other manner of enjoying a vacation, so I turned on the travel channel and pretended I was at "The Top 10 Caribbean Beaches."

Life can be unfair sometimes. I had a brief accident and now it cost me a lifetime of happy memories of traveling somewhere exotic or buying a new piece of furniture, and instead, left me with a lifetime of scars on my face and knee.

I did run a quick 4 miles yesterday and today...swim, swim, swim.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Bad News

I got into a bike accident in July and have spent $500 out of pocket costs already for it, which included the x-ray bills and separate doctor's bill of $369. Now I just got a $703 bill from the hospital and the money is due in a few days. My 3 hours in the hospital, which was mainly just spent waiting around, will cost me $1200 with insurance. Plus, I had to go to my regular doctor twice to get two rounds of stitches out, which cost me an additional $50.

It looks like I won't be taking any more trips now. I was really looking into going to New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia to visit an old salsa dancing friend from the US who now lives there with his wife and in three weeks time, a new baby.

But now this ate up everything. I really regret that accident more than anything. I am poor with all this triathlon training, doctor's bills and braces.

I can't wait for a fresh start next year.

On a happier note, I applied for the lottery for the New York City 2010 marathon. I won't find out till March if I won the lottery, but fingers crossed.

We are now back to having record-breaking temperatures of high heat. It is in the 90s and will continue to be that way for a while. It is November and still hotter than most places get in the summer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The heat has returned to the Valley of the Sun. My 14 mile run today took a far longer amount of time than it should have...and a bottle of Gatorade was downed in a matter of minutes. My face has turned a pinkish shade from my normally bronzed skin. (I forgot to put on sunscreen, shame on me!)

I also headed to the gym to complete a 1 hour swim.

Last evening I saw all the kiddies in the cute costumes and headed to a haunted house where I screamed at least 10 times. I am such a wimp. Usually I don't get into the spirit of Halloween; it's mainly a passover holiday on the way to the bigger and better Thanksgiving and Christmas.