Friday, November 6, 2009

Wetsuit Drama

So I took my wetsuit to a seamstress and when I walked in with it, the horrified look on her face made me nervous that this isn't something that can be fixed.

"What is that? I'm scared!" she yelled to me.

She looked it over and decided quite quickly she couldn't fix it. But she did make a suggestion to take it to an upholstery shop because they would have the right sewing machine to do that type of stitching. She gave me the address.

In a very seedy part of town, I slowly opened my car door and got out very carefully looking around for any scary creatures or people. With my recent break-in, I was a little extra cautious. I opened the door to this shop that incidentally had no windows, which I automatically thought looked suspicious. What kind of place doesn't have windows unless they are doing something illegal?

When I got in, a lady with far more pink eye shadow than I've ever seen was sitting there looking at me inquisitively. I said I had an odd request and her look turned to a frown when she stated/asked, mostly stated, "the lady from the tailoring shop sent you." I affirmed that yes, I had been sent here (to this seedy, creepy part of town and your seedy, creepy store).

She sent my wetsuit to the back and out it came with stitching complete. I gave them some money, went to work and googled "how to repair a wetsuit." Apparently, you can stitch it up, but you also need neoprene cement to make it waterproof so water will not seep in through the stitching.

So I called a local triathlon store, found out they sold it and went home and glued my wetsuit shut.

If it works, it was money well spent. If not, that was money that should have gone towards another wetsuit.