Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miami Social

I watched a new reality show on the Bravo TV network last night called Miami Social. It was just a train wreck. George has weird facial ticks, Ariel thinks he is hot and Katrina was on the Apprentice Season 1. These are crazy people! It's just a weird mix of random people and I can't see any plot lines developing. It seems super staged, not that most reality shows aren't staged, but this even more so. I'm not feeling this show, which is too bad because I like Miami.

Oh, and Hardy sounds just like Greg from the show Dharma and Greg. He looks like a mix between the actor who played Greg and the actor who wears the bow ties on Gossip Girl.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Phelps I am not

I had a breakthrough in swimming today. We did a lot of kicking with my group and the coach used me as an example. I am never used as an example for anything. Ever. So it made me feel good, but as soon as we added the stroke, I fell behind. So clearly it's my stroke holding me back. The coach then had me breathe every 3 strokes, so I was breathing on both sides and my stroke count went down 6 strokes per 50 meters. I wasn't faster, but I was doing less work. I'll take it.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I've had one too many headaches lately. When I was in Utah on Sunday evening after a beautiful day in heavenly Park City shopping and sharing the relaxed lifestyle of the Park City elite, I was driving back down the canyon into Salt Lake and my vision started to go. I knew right away a migraine was coming. When I get migraines I lose my vision for a while and then the pain starts. The vision started going away, while I was driving mind you, down a canyon, and I got nervous. I drove as quickly as I could without completely breaking the law to a grocery store to buy the most powerful medicine I could find and took over the maximum limit of pills as to hopefully put me into an Excedrine-induced coma. Unfortunately, that amount of pill popping didn't do the trick. I laid in total pain till about 3am when I was finally able to close my eyes and fall semi-asleep. At 6:30am I woke up, wide awake and still had a migraine.

My family was killing me this weekend. Slowly and surely. My grandmother's Alzheimer's mixed with a little dose of senility = a deadly combination.

I did enjoy the heat reprieve because when my plane touched down, hot hair came straight to burn my bones. I could actually see the air from the plane. It was steaming hot. I think the windows of the plane were fogging up.

Now it was my car's turn for a headache. I had trouble with my car since I got back from my 4th of July weekend and it finally gave way. It completely overheated and started steaming. I had to quickly shut it off and mysteriously a AAA van just happened to be in the same parking lot as I...what are the odds? Heaven sent. Well, turns out that my hood wouldn't open because it was stuck, so all he said to me was "good luck" and drove off. Boo hoo! My dad and brother came to my rescue from my overheated car and were able to pop the hood. Perhaps they should get a job with AAA. I got it to the mechanic the very next day, but having to drive in 107 degrees with no air-conditioning. Yeah me. Fortunately, the mechanic was able to fix it, it just hurt my credit card $335. My poor credit card, my poor car, my poor body driving in desert heat with no AC. But it is fixed and the air conditioning blows cold. It better blow cold, that's some expensive AC.

This weekend was hard core workouts. I got up at 4:30am to beat the heat with my friends from Racelab. We swam in Saguaro Lake with many bees who spent the morning trying to mate with my bike. After a 45 minute open water swim, we biked a little over 30 miles into an Indian reservation. Then I ran 5 miles in 110. It got up to 115that day and broke a record. Now it's time for my poor dehydrated muscles to hurt and a dehydration headache to start. Then I had a 12 mile run the next day at 4:30am and a swim session in the outdoors. Tomorrow I have a swim session at 6am and a run with my group at 7pm. Two workouts outdoors in the heat. Just kill me now. I'm already living in hell. If you kill me now, I won't have far to travel and maybe I wouldn't have to get up so early to workout.

Headaches, headaches, headaches.