Monday, November 5, 2012

New Zealand

I returned from another vacation to the Land Down Under and it is probably the last time I will go to that part of the world--too many other places to go. But I do love it. Here are my highlights:

1. Bungee jumping for the first time. Watch it!
2. Finishing another marathon on my quest to become the youngest woman to have run a marathon on all seven continents TWICE. I sucked in the race.
3. Going on a Lord of the Rings Tour
4. Traveling to Milford Sound and taking a boat through it
5. Seeing where they filmed The Hobbit. Guess I must watch it now!
6. Going to a traditional high tea at the Sky Tower in Auckland
7. Eating the most amazing pizza at Winnie's in Queenstown
8. Taking a gondola ride up the top of a mountain in Queenstown and eating a buffet dinner
9. Seeing a traditional haka show from the Maoris.
10. Mining for gold. No, I didn't get any.
11. Going four-wheeling straight into a river
12. Seeing the amazing views of a beautiful country

Time to pick a new place after I build back up my finances.