Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the third anniversary of my running the Antarctica marathon--the hardest race ever. Since then, I've run a marathon on every continent and completed an Ironman and ultra marathon. So in honor of today, I completed my 30th half marathon. I drove from California late at night and got in at 12:30am to get up at 5:30am for the race. Plus, AZ is one hour ahead of CA, so really, that's like 4:30am to me. The race was in Scottsdale and I ran into old friends and some people I met in Costa Rica! What are the odds of that? How does that keep happening! I ran into a friend from Phoenix who, turns out, works 2 blocks from me in San Diego. Small world. Well, the race didn't go well. Tough, hilly course and got one of my worst times. Something has happened to me. It's like all the fitness drained out of my body. 2011 has not been good to me racing wise. I've gotten 3 of my worst times in half marathons and they all seem like a struggle, which normally they are not. So what gives? I need to run more and try harder and get rid of the virus that keeps sticking around--go away already!!