Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Woke up early this morning to thunder and lightening and then rain. It has been quite a while since I have seen rain and now in 108 degrees, the rain has caused the air to become quite stifling. Humidity does exist in the desert.

My swim session was canceled of course due to the lightening. So now must swim and run tonight.

I have been up since 4am from the thunder and my room lighting up like a strobe light. I am now very tired.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend I participated in the Arizona Road Racers Series. I came in 10th out of 41 in my age group. Not great, but it was really, really hot. I left my house at 5:45 am and it was already hot. It has been 115 almost everyday for a few weeks now.

After I finished, I spent about 10 minutes recovering and then set off for a long run which I finished at 9:00am dying of heat.

I also completed a 3 hour slow bike ride this weekend.

Changing Hands bookstore, my favorite bookstore, held a publishing seminar on Saturday that I attended after my running.

I didn't do the Mountain Man triathlon. I am trying to save money and that would have meant a long drive with gas and a hotel stay, not to mention registration fees. I will be doing a lot more races this fall, so I am keeping my money in the bank.

I am also planning on getting braces on July 28th. I've had the molds done and probably will get them, unless something drastic happens. This will surely put a damper on my social life. I'm only supposed to wear them for 6 months, so that's not too bad.

On Friday I read my horoscope, which I do once in a while for fun, I don't believe in it, but this one said "An old flame returns, step back and then come out ahead." Well, this weekend I saw an old flame, not the one I thought would return, but I did see one. Trying to get over that fact.