Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

In my 32nd year, I accomplished the following:
1. Completed an Ironman
2. Completed a marathon in Europe
3. Ran 4 half marathons from AZ to UT
4. Completed another half ironman
5. Lived by myself
6. Completed many triathlons
7. Wrote a lot
8. Had braces for 4 months and now have straight teeth

In my 33rd year, I will do another couple of international marathons (I hope, depending on my health) and work on my writing and cooking skills and maintain a positive attitude. Last year I learned that misery does not always love company.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I spent the weekend in Los Angeles attending the fabulous festivities of the Festival of Books that overtakes the campus of UCLA. I enjoyed celebrities and writers and celebrity/writers. I listened to Bernadette Peters sing, Henry Winkler read from his children's book, Meg Cabot give a very cute Powerpoint presention, Todd Bridges complain about child actors, Jeffrey Ross roast audience members, Alicia Silverstone discuss the power of super hero vegetarianism and female vampire novelists and single female memoir writers. I also ate delicious food, walked a beautiful pier in Long Beach and spent time with great friends. It was the second city stop of my around the world birthday tour. Happy birthday to me tomorrow. The next stop is Tempe, then Lima, Peru.