Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tootsie Rolls to the Rescue

After my much unfortunate bill that will total well over $1,000 for 1 second of my life in a very maddening bike accident, I indulged my financial sorrows in leftover Halloween candy. Although it didn't make the whole in my wallet fill up with cash, it did tickle my taste buds and that made me feel a little better. I don't recommend sweets as a way to relieve problems; there are obviously healthier ways of doing so, but the brightly colored candy was just sitting there....and the candy did work a little magic on my pain.

Since I would have rather spent the $1,000+ on a trip to Europe, or a fancy weekend in Vegas, or indulge myself in some delicious spa treatments at some resort in Scottsdale, I figured I'd have to find some other manner of enjoying a vacation, so I turned on the travel channel and pretended I was at "The Top 10 Caribbean Beaches."

Life can be unfair sometimes. I had a brief accident and now it cost me a lifetime of happy memories of traveling somewhere exotic or buying a new piece of furniture, and instead, left me with a lifetime of scars on my face and knee.

I did run a quick 4 miles yesterday and today...swim, swim, swim.