Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's like a heat wave

Today we are having record-breaking temperatures nearing triple digits. I think today it is supposed to be a high of 97, which is as hot if not hotter than most places in the country get in the middle of summer....and we are nearing wintertime. I wanted to go for a run outdoors yesterday and it is still too hot. I don't get it. Global warming? Arizona heat Gods having some fun? Where I grew up in Seattle, an Indian summer was relished and an avoidance of the rain was cherished. Here, it feels like the entire year is one big Indian summer.

Last night I took a quiz in the Oprah magazine. Since this is Oprah's world and we all just live in it and since she already tells us what to read, what to buy and she decided our president, I thought I would also let her tell me what my personality I found out from the quiz that "I strive for recognition. Anything that lets me win makes me happy." So the article advised me to "compete in a triathlon." Well, I guess Oprah calls it right.