Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am Dirty Purdie

I started to feel better the next day from my little, itty, bitty cold, but all was brought back during a 10 mile run today. Everything came straight to the chest and head with the jogging I was doing. So perhaps I am not cured yet.

I did go out and do 10 miles in 99 degrees followed by a 60 minute bike ride in which my chain came off 3 times and my brake pad rode up against my tire, so those 60 minutes turned into a little bit longer dealing with the bike pains. I now have greased finger prints down my legs. I look as though I should be entering into war camp or going paint balling. I got grease down my legs and underneath my!

I did get my hair colored a wicked shade of California blonde and with all this outdoor training, I'm afraid I will eventually start looking like one of Hef's wannabes. But I won't let that happen. I think the grease will counteract the sun bleached blonde.