Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. I made it through a glorious year. Here are the top-20 big events since my last b-day:

1. Ran a marathon in Peru, China and South Africa.
2 Accomplished my goal of running a marathon on all seven continents.
3. Got press for it. Here's one example.
4. Cut off my waist-length hair and went brunette. The jury is still out on that one.
5. Got a new job
6. Moved to California
7. Signed up for my 2nd Ironman. This time it is New Zealand.
8. Got a new car
9. Rented out my house
10. Had my trichotillomania spiral out of control
11. Haven't been able to get it under control
12. Interviewed a few celebrities
13. Pretended I'm BFFs with such celebrities
14. Ran 6 half marathons from Santa Barbara to Arizona to Utah
15. Completed another few triathlons
16. Finished my book. Now in revision stage.
17. Done some public speaking events about my running a marathon on all 7 continents
18. Got pulled over by a cop for the first time ever. Got let go. (Thank you officer!)
19. Got published in some national magazines
20. Traveled to Costa Rica to write about triathlons

Whew! What will next year bring? I hope happiness, an ability to change my relationship status on Facebook (pretty sure that's a long shot), wealth (another long shot), Daniel Craig at my door step declaring his undying love for me (not likely), Curtis Stone fighting with Daniel Craig because he also has declared his undying love for me (it could happen), the cancellation of The Real Housewives of Miami (listen up Bravo--it sucked), Modern Family and Cougar Town having new episodes every week (pay the writers more money, they deserve it), successfully crossing the finish line of Ironman New Zealand, getting over something personal (probably will take therapy), and getting a PR in a race. All that would make me a happy thirty-something.