Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I ran a lonnnnngggg 20 miles and also visited the famous San Diego Zoo. Being fairly new to San Diego and without family around, I had no plans for Easter weekend. No ham dinners, no Easter dresses, no Easter bunny visits. So I went to the zoo. I've always had mixed feelings about the zoo. As I've seen wild animals in their natural environment, whether it be in the Amazon, on an African Safari or sitting on glaciers at the bottom of the world, I feel badly for the animals in confined spaces with strangers watching their every move. Granted, they are treated properly and fed well and do not have to survive in the beastly wild. Maybe I just feel like it's not the same as traveling to a foreign country and seeing them in nature.

But I did get to see a polar bear doing a horny dance looking for a receptive mate. So, there's that.