Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New BFF

I have a new BFF. His name is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I got to interview him at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. You may know him from CNN or his books or his traveling the world and all his television appearances. We're now BFFs. No, not really. I did, however, get to speak to him about triathlons and there is no better topic of conversation. But I did feel significantly out of place at this hotel. I parked my Kia down the street (I'd hate for it to get confused among the line of BMWs out front) and walked in thinking about how many race entries equals the price of one night in this hotel. I figured I would need two hands to count. Then I saw men in power suits eating power breakfasts looking snazzy in Gucci. I was wearing heels for the occasion, not something I typically do (as 6'0 is just too tall). Turns out my BFF Dr. Gupta is not tall at all, so I was even more ridiculously tall. But we spoke about racing and I asked him questions and he was super nice.

This weekend I traveled to Salt Lake City and finished my 31st half marathon. I love this course, but it was cold that day. It started raining as I was driving to the start and then magically for once the God of Marathon listened to my prayers and the clouds held onto the water. I ran okay and finished in my normal time, which I was fairly happy with--no PR, but finally feel like my fitness is returning (sing Hallelujah!). Then five minutes after I crossed the finish line, it started raining again. Thank heavens I was off the course and heading back to my car when little drops started hitting my head. I got to also see beautiful flowers, including my favs--daffodils.