Sunday, July 3, 2011

Disneyland--Because aren't we just all kids in adult bodies?

For the holiday weekend I went to Disneyland on Saturday and had the best day ever. How can you not? It's the happiest place on earth.

Lessons learned at Disneyland:

1. While everyone knows I am not a big fan of kids and Disneyland by no means cured that (especially after 7pm when kids were so tired and restless standing in yet another line), it was cute to see their faces light up when a Disney character walked by and all the girls dressed up in princess costumes.

2. Disney does it right. They funnel people in and out of the park like clockwork.

3. Disney also shows an appreciation to single people. On a couple of rides, you can tell the attendant you are a "single rider" and they give you a pass to cut to the front of the line. Literally. One ride had a 50-minute wait, but I was given a "single rider" pass. So I rode up a special elevator and as I came out, I walked right onto the ride. Very VIP. Thank you Disney for recognizing the fact that not everyone goes to your park with kids and strollers in toe.

4. I love Disneyland. I didn't want to leave. I ate beignets in the shape of Mickey Mouse ears full of powdered sugar and honey...because beignets shouldn't be eaten in any other manner. I rode my favorite ride since I was a little girl-- "It's a Small World" and my second favorite "The Tiki Room." I climbed the Treasure Island tree house, watched a 4th of July fireworks display and fell in love with all things Disney all over again.

Saturday I went to Downtown Disney just to stay around the park a little while longer. My original plan was to go to the beaches at Newport Beach, but that plan was thwarted with excessive traffic, so I decided on Laguna Beach, but also ran into insane traffic. So I went to flip a U-turn and found myself at the head of a massive trail system with hikers, totally by accident. Well, being as I was already in my workout clothes, I grabbed a water bottle and got my cross-training on (and burn off those beignets). I hiked for 2 hours somewhere off of the 133 highway in the middle of nowhere OC. A park ranger saw me and said I looked like I was going to go for a run. I like to think he said that because I look like I have a runner's physique, but then I realized I had a bright T-shirt that had "Marathon" splashed in bright gold across the front. So maybe he could just read. Or maybe I really looked like a runner. I then stopped at Oceanside at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. I like it because they serve all-you-can-eat mango salsa. And any restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat mango anything will certainly get my patronage.

Tomorrow I run in a 15K Independence Day race. Too bad I am still sore from my Seattle Marathon and now from trail running (and sick to my stomach from eating too many beignets and mango salsa).