Sunday, November 6, 2011

Iron Girl

I ran a 10K today that was a bit hilly and we ran right into a head wind. But it was an all-female race and those are always fun. No boys allowed. That's pretty sweet. I moved and now live across the street from the beach. Last night I watched the sun set over the Pacific, but the condo where I live is very cold. I am confined to my room with my space heater right next to me. I moved myself this weekend with no help. I am really sore. I am discovering there are a lot of Australians who live in this area, which makes me happy. I get to listen to their accents. I seem to find them at Starbucks. I've been to three Starbucks in the area and have heard the Aussie accent in each one of them. One of them has an Aussie barista who always calls me his mate. I know he calls everyone this, but it makes me feel good nonetheless.