Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well I should be at mile 9 right now of a half marathon race, but instead I am at home checking email and Facebook and sleeping in till 8am, rather than get up at 5 to head to the start line. Oh well, it was my choice not to do the big race this weekend. Rather than feel guilty about it, I think I will donate what I would have spent on my registration to the Red Cross to aid the rescue efforts in Haiti. Then I won't feel so guilty.

I did run a really poor 8 miles yesterday and did not run well at all. I am about to go out for a 20 mile run in preparation for an upcoming marathon. I am doing a half marathon in a couple of weeks then hopefully a full. I may end up switching back to the half if I keep running like I have been since Ironman (slow, slow, slow).

I went to go see Kathy Griffin perform last evening with one of my girlfriends and it is nice to hang and have girl talk and laugh amidst such a terrible time in the world.