Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Recap

I ran the Earth Day 5K last evening and it was...hell. How ironic is that? First of all, it was 99 degrees during the race and actually seemed to get hotter. I'm sure it was just my temperature going up from running. Second, it took me a long time. I spoke with some people after the race who said that it was measured incorrectly and was actually longer than 3.1 miles. I need a GPS system. I think I may go buy one soon, especially for upcoming marathon workouts.

So then I went to the grocery after the race and the conversation with the bagger at the checkout went like this:

"How are you doing today miss?"
"I am doing great. It's Earth Day."
"Is plastic okay?"

Shoot! Of all the days not to use plastic bags. I even received one of those organic shopping totes at the race expo and thought "I will always use this shopping now. Now I can be hip and trendy and environmentally correct and save myself $.10." But alas, my attempts to be loving to this earth were for nothing.