Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday night

Friday night was very exciting. I am a huge Food Network addict. I watch it more often than I actually cook anything. I have spent hours learning how to blanch things, temper chocolate and bake a souffle, but I've never actually done any of those things in person. I just watch.

Well, there is a Food Network show called Dinner Impossible with Chef Robert Irvine. I watch it all the time. The premise of the show is the chef is given some random culinary challenge to cook for a group of people at a special event and make it happen in weird scenarios, like he is given a kitchen that isn't fully equipped with everything, or the kitchen is outdoors, etc. So imagine my surprise when I went to a dinner for a group of triathletes and right behind me I hear Chef Robert Irvine say "I have now completed my culinary triathlon." They were filming an episode of Dinner Impossible right there. He was cooking for a group of triathletes and other VIPs. So cool! He is smaller in person, but still has his big "guns" of arms. He walked right next to me and I happen to be the same height as he.

He promised he would do a real triathlon next year and raise money for a charity. Yeah! Triathletes will convert one at a time.

Today I dropped off my bike for my race and went to a baseball game with my dad. So nice to head out to a game in the fall. Love baseball.