Thursday, October 29, 2009


Diet Coke with swirls of snowflake designs on the can, pumpkin streusel muffins from a co-worker, a chilly morning, hot chocolate...these are a few of my favorite things.

The weather is chilly today, but temps will go back up by Monday to 90 F, but for now, I enjoyed the warm feel of my blankets when my alarm went off and the cold air surrounding my bed.

I get my brackets of my braces off in Nov. then I switch to an invisalign for a few weeks as my retainer is made. Happy day!

So now I finally had three good things happen to me: 1. an exciting race this past weekend. 2. the dentist saying to me "I think we're about done with those braces." 3. An old friend emailed me out of the blue, which was a pleasant and welcomed surprise.

My horoscope yesterday said "an overseas journey is going to begin." Hmm....I think I'll have to have another international trip to make this horoscope come true.