Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Things Happen in Threes

So last night when I got home, my neighbor asked kindly, "Did you get your car broken into last night?" I said yes. She said my car alarm went off at 2:30am for 15 minutes and she turned on all the lights, came out and saw nothing. My guess is the robbers heard the alarm, grabbed the bag and scattered. My other neighbor overhead us talking and said that his garage got broken into and he has seen two teenage boys on bikes with flashlights looking into people's cars and they were just around a couple of nights ago. I am willing to stay up all night to catch them in the act and make a citizen arrest when they break in. I feel violated. But I did get the locks fixed this morning at the dealership and it came to a grand total of $17.10, so don't need to worry about involving the insurance.

So since things happen in threes, I wrote in another post that three hard things happened to me and soon it must be that three wonderful things happen to me...well, three more things happened, but not for the better: 1. My cell phone is broken. I'm not getting coverage and it is always dying. 2. My car got broken into and all my makeup stolen. 3. I have a mouse in my house. I am afraid for my life.