Monday, October 5, 2009


I am getting over a viral infection. I haven't been sick since February 2008 when I did the Antarctica marathon. It isn't something I want to repeat. I had a bad viral infection and missed a couple days of work and now am on antibiotics. I wonder if that played a part in my bad showing at the triathlon for Nathan's. Oh well. I'm doing better.

I dyed my hair last Sunday a brunette color. I went to the store and found two boxes, one labeled "brown" the other labeled "chocolate espresso brown." I went with the later, as it sounded so much more alluring. Well, 10 minutes and hair dye all over the bathroom later, I ended up a brunette. Of course, now the shower curtain and floor were brown. I've not colored my hair at home and have always left it to the professionals and think in the future I will leave it to the professionals. Not sure how I feel about being brunette. I think a golden color makes me feel sunnier. I have just been having my hair ruined with chlorine, so thought this might make a good solution.

Yesterday I went biking in 20 mph winds and got pretty much blown off my bike. I had to actually get off and walk it through an intersection because my weight wouldn't keep me up. I've never had to do that before. Also, there were some trees hanging over the biking path and didn't have enough time to push them out of the way with my hands, so one branch sliced up my forehead.

I swear, I have a scar from my stitches from my bike accident, now a slice through my forehead and dried out brunette hair. What a sight am I? Battle wounds! Loving it.