Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nathan's Triathlon

On Sunday I participated in Nathan's Olympic Triathlon. I did this race two years ago and got into a very nasty bike accident. My bike came into pieces and I ended up in physical therapy for 3 months. But I did finish the race in 3 hours with the bike accident.

Sunday's race took me 3:17 and it was so frustrating. The swim took me 13 minutes longer than it did in 2007 and so that really screwed with my head for the rest of the race. My self talk was really negative because I thought I was so much slower in swimming, which doesn't make any sense because I have been swimming so much more than I ever have. So I was really bummed out. My bike took a while and then on the run, for the first time in my life, I got a side stitch. It felt like a hernia. I heard that to rid yourself of the stitch, you walk with your arms over your head leaning to to the side with the stitch. So I did and within 5 minutes it went away, but I did have to walk a little. I've never walked in a triathlon ever. So really frustrating experience.

Then I find out that the swim course was 300 m longer than it was supposed to be and even the elite athletes had their worst swim times. But still a frustrating race.

After the race, one of the ladies in my training group said to me, "well, maybe Ironman just isn't for you." I think that was the most hurtful thing anyone has ever said to me. I came home, got down on the floor and cried for 2 hours straight. I haven't even cried like that over a guy.

Maybe she is right. Or maybe that was just rude to poop on someone's goals like that. My coach told me that is wrong and that I am ready for it. Another girl told me yes, I should do the race. So it's nice to know I do have some supportive people behind me.

My mom thinks my priorities are screwed up. But my mom says that about everything in my life.

I have a hobby and I (usually) enjoy it (except for this race).