Monday, June 29, 2009


This weekend I endured a bike ride in 100+ temperatures and my water was scalding hot. I think I may have to do more loops and come back for cold water, not to mention go out earlier.

I had swim practice as well and the waters were cool and inviting. I was put into a group of 3, as the three of us swam at almost exactly the same pace. It certainly made me push harder to finish before them. I am just competitive that way, even when there is technically no competition.

It will be hard to train this weekend with the 4th of July. I am heading to Salt Lake City to enjoy some cooler weather, but will definitely be running. I'll enjoy the shopping of Park City and backyard BBQs without scalding heat.

I have to say I am loving all this Michael Jackson music being played throughout the airwaves and on television. So many of his songs I have forgotten.