Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creepy man

So back in 2005 I had a creepy man that I met in a salsa dancing club find out where I worked, found out my phone number and found out my work email address. He kept calling, but I said no. Cut to today and I got three dozen red roses delivered to my office. I never ever get red roses and there is no one in my life who would be sending me red roses. They came with a name and a phone number. I thought my father was playing a joke on me, an expensive joke, but a joke all the same.

So I called him to say "ha ha, but thanks." He said they aren't from him.

So I googled the number and lo and behold, stalker is back. Creepy! People wonder why I stay single...because there are too many weird people out there. I haven't seen this guy since 2005. How would he find out where I worked and my address?