Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm not a thief!

Last evening was spent avoiding security at the grocery store. I had bought a dress at this one particular women's clothing store and sometimes they had security tags that you are supposed to cut off after you purchase. "Cut off before wearing," it states. But of course, I always forget. So last evening I was wearing one such dress and set off the security alarm as I walked into the store. This alerted security and a man in a security shirt followed me around the store. Then, when I went to purchase my groceries, an employee plucked me out of the line, even though there were people in front of me and behind me. She told me she would ring me up in another place. She took me to the self check out and she rung up my items there. Everyone was staring at me because it is self check out, yet an employee was doing all the work. I'm sure they thought I was being difficult or dumb and didn't know how to do this myself.

Well, as I was leaving I set off the alarm walking out the door as well. So security followed me to my car and stood behind it as I loaded my groceries into the backseat.

Lesson learned. I went home and immediately cut off the tag.