Monday, May 11, 2009

Being single

So two single episodes happened to me the past weekend:

1. I went out dancing with two girlfriends from work and their husbands, so I was totally the fifth wheel. They ended up salsa dancing with their significant others and I became what is sadly known as the wallflower. Plus, it was in a Latin club, so I stood out like a sore thumb. I am 6'0 tall and blonde, which is instant freak of nature in these clubs. Men would come by and try to reach the top of my head and state "bastante alta" meaning, way tall.

2. I am training for an upcoming marathon and put in 20 miles in near 100 degrees, so I decided to treat myself to breakfast. I had a gift card leftover from Christmas, so put it to use. However, when I got to the restaurant, it was jam packed, so I asked if I could get some food to go and had a menu in my hand that stated they offered food to go on Saturday and Sunday. Well, the hostess said "No, we don't offer food to go," well, then why do you even have these menus which clearly state that you do? She just said, "well, we just don't do it." So I asked if I could put my name down for a table. She then stated, "We don't serve single people. If you want you can sit at the bar, but that's it." So Crackers and Co. I hope you get bad press and I am telling everyone not to eat there. Single people deserve just as much respect. I have money, too and I get hungry, too.