Monday, May 11, 2009

Curtis Stone Part II

Well, I had a golf tournament at work, which I happily volunteered to work. Not spending the day in front of a computer? Sounds good to me! But I found out I had to be there at 5:45am to set up, which ended up being okay. "Maybe you'll meet a guy," "You never know who you might meet there," all my girlfriends at work told me. Of course that didn't happen, but that's okay because my heart belongs to another....the Aussie Curtis Stone who I luckily met again! Twice in five days. I went to LA for my birthday as I wrote about in another post and met him at the Festival of Books, but then I found out that he would be in Scottsdale, Arizona signing copies of his cookbook and doing a demonstration.

So my heart fluttered and I magically found myself driving to Scottsdale to meet him again. It's like my car was on auto drive. He was gorgeous and super cute and used the word "mate" a lot, which is one of my favorite words from down under. He brought up this girl on to the stage and he cooked for her and fed her. I would have died. She was soooo lucky and she looked like she would just pass out. I probably would have.

Everyone asked if we were engaged yet, but sadly no. I did find this on You Tube and I think someone may have beat me to it. He did write it in stone...excuse the maybe my shot with Curtis is over: