Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

I spent the 4th of July in beautiful, cool Salt Lake City. I landed in 73 degree weather and it was heaven. Utah had a rainy spring, so the mountains were so green they looked like Hawaii. It was breathtaking. I went to Park City with my brother and then watched fireworks and had a BBQ with my aunt, uncle, cousins, brother, brother's girlfriend and friends. I ate too much, but what else is new? We lit off fireworks in the street.

The next day I got up early to go running. I adore running in Salt Lake. It was one of my favorite cities to run and it is a tradition for me to run at Brighton High School in Sandy. Its track is located at the base of the Rockies and overlooks a good portion of the Wasatch front. I packed all my gels, water bottle and running clothes, but realized that morning that I forgot my running shoes. So I "borrowed" my brother's car (without asking) and went to the only thing open: Target. I would NEVER buy running shoes at Target, but I just needed something for a couple of days and Target would have to do. So I got my shoes and headed to Brighton only to find out that the track was gone. Totally gutted. No fair!!! But I ran anyway and loved it. I got to run in the middle of the day and felt like I could run forever. It was only 73 and it makes such a difference from 100 or the dreaded treadmill.

I spent another night with my cousins and played games and watched a movie. I miss everyone there. I miss it terribly. I was depressed getting on the plane and having to come back to the blazing inferno of Phoenix. I landed and felt like I was walking on the sun.