Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Karma is a real, true thing. I totally believe in it. Anything that I have done, good or bad, has always come back to me.

So here's another instance of karma:

On Monday I was at the mall in Sandy, Utah and found a purse in the bathroom. I decided to bring it to guest services. I swear I walked the entire mall looking for guest services. I'd follow the maze of signs pointing me in one direction only to find out I'm on the wrong floor. Then every directory I checked had it listed on different floors. I would swear an engineer created this map. I eventually found it and then when I went up to the employee, I was treated rudely--all for trying to be a good citizen. But I said, I am doing this for karma. Someday myself or someone I know will lose something and it will be found.

Two days later I get an email from my dad that he lost a hard drive with substantial personal info such as social security numbers, addresses, tax info on it. I thought to myself...karma will return this hard drive. It will come back! And someone actually found it and returned it.

What goes around comes around.