Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside

I went to Utah for 4 days to play in the snow. As I got to the airport, I saw on a screen that it was 11 degrees outside. My mind automatically thinks Celcius when I see a number that low, so I thought, that's 43 degrees F...I can handle it. As I got outside, there was the sight of my breath there to greet me. I haven't seen my breath in quite a while, so I realized that really was 11 degrees F.

I met my dad already there and we headed north to Layton and Brigham City. I spent the day visiting my uncle and browsing Barnes and Noble and laughing at just how cold it was. We ate delicious rocky road fudge, watched sledders and spent as little time outside as possible in the cute small towns north of Salt Lake.

I watched a Christmas broadcast of the choir with Natalie Cole on Saturday and saw the gorgeous lighting displays around downtown. It certainly was a wintery wonderland.

Christmas felt more like Christmas and the glow of the snow underneath Christmas lights is certainly more dramatic and provides a lovely Norman Rockwell scene...much more than cactus with cheesy lights wrapped around it.

I didn't get much time to see many friends this trip. Next time I come I will visit with more people. I didn't get to see any cousins or aunts or people I used to work with, but next time.