Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Conversations at the bike shop

Last evening I picked up my bike from the shop as it was getting a tune-up. A lady there asked me if I were doing triathlon races and I said yes. I asked her the same. She said no she doesn't; she wanted to, but her husband says no. She actually looked sad when she told me this.

Another friend of mine is doing the same training I am and he has three children and is a single dad. He says the training is making family life very hard. He wants to stop to enjoy more time with his kids. His kids are also very young.

Another friend of mine says he needs marriage counseling because of the time he spends away from his wife with early morning swims and long weekend workouts.

I will sometimes complain about being single, but other times I feel that singleness has so many blessings and I really have no reason to complain. I train as I please and get up early or stay up late and no one cares. I don't feel like my training is being selfish to a marriage or taking precious time away from children.

It simply makes me eat all the time and for that I REALLY can't complain because I do like to eat.