Monday, September 21, 2009


Friday I ran 18 miles and did an hour swim. Then Saturday I did a 4000M open water swim race in very choppy waters. We were near the boats and water skiis that made for a very bumpy swim. I am super prone to getting sea sick and I did during the race. The waves made for a very nauseating swim. It was one of the hardest physical challenges of my life. After the race, I did a 2 hour bike ride in 105 degrees.

It is almost October and still having the same heat as in July. This heat will not end.

On Sunday, I did a 90 mile bike ride with a group of bikers. The group had set up aid stations and I got to refill with ice cold water. Lovely! I was getting used to drinking warm water on my rides. Cold water just quenches the thirst so much better. I also had no flat tires! Happy day.