Monday, August 17, 2009


This weekend I did a four hour bike ride, which I got up at 4:05am to do. However, I was not fast at all. In fact, my average mph was very slow. I should be faster by now, but I vow to do better next week. I was on a hilly course, so that did bring down my average speed, but I know I can do more. I did keep my cadence pretty high and stayed in the higher gears for such a long ride. I am getting used to just biking in higher gears now.

I also did a swim with a group and on Monday morning I did a 12.5 mile run before work. By 7:30am it was a scorcher. It's going to be a hot day.

I hope to not get caught in the traffic of President Obama, as he is in town. Last time he was here, I was on the freeway at a completely dead stand still.