Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have been waking up early everyday this week to train. I won't get some extra zzz's till possibly Monday, but even then, not too much sleep. It's not bothering me though. I like the training.

I feel as though I am behind. I read some other people's blogs on training and it's so advanced. My training just got kicked up, but not to the level as others, so hope I am doing everything I need to do. But perhaps it is a good thing and I am not wearing myself out like others. Bike rides are longer and long runs are longer, but everything else during the weekdays is staying pretty stagnant in terms of the training program.

We'll see what happens. Hope no more accidents. Braces are still weird, but probably always will be a strange feel for the duration of wearing them. I feel like I have huge lips as they are forced out over the brackets.