Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brace Face

Today I am dealing with stitches on my face, knee, an arm brace...and now braces on my teeth. I got white braces today. I'm sure this will put a damper on anything social I do, but really, from far away, you don't notice them. When I was driving back from my dentist appointment, I put on my sunglasses and in the rear view mirror, you couldn't tell I had braces. But they hurt like crazy and I can't eat. I tried to drink from a soda can and couldn't. So maybe it'll be soup and smoothies from a straw for the next few days as I adjust to the new metal in my mouth.

Still all banged up from the accident, but more range of motion in my wrist. Driving around with 1 arm all the time hasn't been hard, except for when I want to change the station. Thank heavens for automatic cars in times like these :)

Excessive heat today--115 and higher in some areas. Last night at 11pm, it was still over 100 degrees.