Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Health Assessment...say what?

So at work we had a health assessment--how many push ups can you do in 60 seconds, how many crunches can you do, how long can you hold a wall squat, and a 5 minute step test to measure heart rate. I scored in the superior range in all areas, except for one area--heart rate. After the step test, I knew they would be measuring heart rate so I tried to get myself to relax and couldn't. I kept getting more and more nervous trying to get myself to relax. You know how when you try to relax and it just makes you more stressed out? That is what was happening. So after 5 minutes of cardio my heart rate went up to 83 and only dropped a little bit.

So then after all this, I had to meet with a health coach who looked at my heart rate and saw it didn't fall very quickly. So she said to me, "clearly you aren't doing any cardio." Say what? Come again? I said actually I am doing cardio and so she said "well, then you aren't doing it right."

I know my body and know my trying to tell myself to relax wasn't working and so I was keeping my heart rate spiked by worrying about it.

I just completed a triathlon and marathon within the last two weeks, so clearly I am doing some sort of cardio. Don't you think or does that not count?