Thursday, June 25, 2009


Saturday morning, all before 7am, I got two flat tires on my bike. I was biking with the triathlon group Racelab and before we even started, I noticed something sitting on my tire. So I brushed it off and wouldn't you know, the tire went completely flat. Apparently a rock had pocked through the tire and tube and having the rock there kept the air in and when taken off, the hole was exposed and the air went out. The coach said this happens and they've even had someone get 5 flat tires all on one bike ride. I said "don't jinx me." Well, not even 60 minutes later I got a flat tire on the other tire. I was now out of tubes and CO2, so I had the Racelab van take me back to my car and my ride was cut short by an hour. I didn't finish the ride.

I woke up at 4:40am for that, only to be done by 7am. So disappointing. I didn't get my long run in either this weekend. I did manage to swim with the group in an outdoor pool. With temperatures in the 100s F, the pool mysteriously was extremely cold.

I have been having a lot of bad dreams lately that feel so real. I wake up thinking that they actually happened. How do you have pleasant dreams or just not remember your dreams at all? Does this mean something evil is going to happen to me? Is it a premonition?