Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Early morning

I am up early tomorrow morning for a 5am pick up time to the airport. Off to Europe for a marathon. But have a nice, long layover in ATL. Lucky me. I am working on a book, so this will give me some time to plot.

Was originally going to do to the Christchurch marathon in New Zealand at the end of May, but since I already have run a marathon in the land down under, it's time for me to visit Europe once again and load up on some white Magnum ice cream bars-my favorite food outside of the US. I will have to go to New Zealand some other time. I'm sure there are plenty of marathons I can run there some other day.

I just signed up for this marathon less than 45 days ago, so my entire training has been one 16 mile run, one 20 mile run, and one 13 mile run. That's it! So I'll just use it as a running tour of a European city and stop and take pictures along the way. Someone I work with said he is going to look up my time, but it will be poor I'm sure. I am not going to worry about time and just attempt to enjoy the painful 42.2 kms.

It will be a fun way, however, to spend Memorial Day weekend. I'm traveling alone, which is always pretty relaxing. Many have asked incredulously to me "Why do you want to go alone?" and look at me wide eyed as if I am crazy. I guess I don't mind it. It's nice to be by myself and enjoy my own company.