Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Looking beautiful even during a marathon workout

I have some beauty supplies I love for those who love to workout.

This Stay-In-Place Lip Stain Duo from Estee Lauder is absolutely awesome. After a swim session, the lipstick is still perfect.

This waterproof mascara from Mary Kay is marketed as "The Mary Kay® Waterproof Mascara has been triathlon-tested to deliver longer-looking, thicker-looking lashes that last." If it withstands triathlons, it has my stamp of approval.

My long hair takes a significant beating. It is super dry and tangles easily, especially after a long run or swim. If I put Aussie 3-minute miracle (and it really is a miracle worker) into my hair, I can comb through it much easier. I haven't found anything else, even really expensive products, that work just as fabulously as this conditioner from down under.