Monday, October 28, 2013

Ireland Marathon--Medical Tent, Horrible Time and All-Round Cluster Fudge

I signed up for two marathons less than 6 days apart. You think I'd be smart enough not to do that, yet here we are. 

First up was Ireland. It did not go well. It was actually my worst race ever. I got my worst time and then hyperventilated at the finish, collapsed and passed out. I was rushed into the medical tent via wheelchair and had blood work and all kinds of tests done. They almost had to contact my family in the US.

Then as I was walking back to my hotel I started to pass out again. I was holding onto a lamp post to keep me up when I watched a girl walk into the street in front of oncoming traffic and try to commit suicide--right in front of me! 

I dubbed this race "Murphy's Law Marathon." Here's why: 

At mile 13 I stepped on and killed a gecko. So not only do I feel sick, I feel guilty, too. 

I ran out of nutrition because I didn't expect to be in the race so long.

I lost my lucky sunglasses in the medical tent, which is just as well because apparently they aren't so lucky anymore. 

There was a 100% chance of 40mph winds, which meant there was a 100% chance I'd be miserable. I was. 

I saw a girl try to kill herself, which is kind of ironic because that's what I was telling myself all during the race: I just want to die. Then I watched someone try to die and I realized, no, I really don't want to die. I won't say that again. 

I blacked out. That's never happened. 

My body is rejecting running. It used to feel so good to run. Now my legs always feel like jello and I just can't do it. Even running a 5K feels like work when I used to sprint the whole thing. What happened? I got sick and never recovered. I think in 2014 I may just give up running for a while and come back to it and hopefully start fresh. I've tried fighting it, but my body just can't run right now and I have to accept it. 

Sad face.