Sunday, May 6, 2012


I ran my 43rd half marathon that ended in a safari park. I figured out that the reason I am not running well is for the past year, my legs have felt like lead whenever I run. I don't know why. But they are very heavy and so it is everything just to take one step in front of the other. So my times have fallen 2.6 minutes/mile, which is really frustrating and I really have no idea how to get my fitness back.

But the race itself was incredibly fun. We ran through a vineyard and the owners handed out Gatorade in wine cups. We also ran up a hill in the sand, but to keep our mind off the pain, there were jokes along the way, such as "Did you hear about the race between two giraffes?" "It was neck and neck."

Many dressed up as animals with tigers, lions and zebras running by me. One guy dressed up as Tarzan and wore nothing but a loin cloth. He had on a Tarzan wig and ran barefoot. Everyone got a good laugh.

At the finish line, we ended up in the middle of a Safari Park and got to go to the park for free. At mile 12, I ran past lions, elephants and after the race, walked around to see the flamingos, bats and cute pigs.

It was one of my favorite races with gorgeous views and people were having fun. It was a really positive race with stunning vistas and the locale couldn't be beat...but my legs need something...what? I don't know. I am so frustrated. I feel like throwing in the towel with running. My times have dropped by 35 minutes in a half marathon. I don't even tell people my finish time because I'm so embarrassed.

#43 half marathon done